• Project Overview

    Project Overview

    Demanding and challenging times prompt us to reflect on the values and vision of EU's founding fathers. Jean Monet reminds us: "We are not forming coalitions of states we are uniting them", and
    "If I had to do it again, I would begin with culture."

    Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project “Aurora Through European Identity and Integration” [IDEA] starts with our ancestral Indo-European language to positively steer our youngsters under the compass of EU’s great visionary towards understanding, deepening and strengthening our uniting bonds.
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The Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project “Aurora Through European Identity and Integration” [IDEA] is organized and coordinated by "DIKTIO-Network for Reform in Greece and Europe" a think-and-act-tank of European orientation.  It's President and founder is Anna Diamantopoulou, a former European Commissioner and Minister of Education.

DIKTIO’s ‘idea4Europe’ aims to cultivate and to strengthen among youth the sense of belonging to a common entity, the European Union.  It utilizes modern pedagogical underpinnings to enhance and enrich the notion of common roots that shape Europeans, foster knowledge on EU issues and increase awareness of how EU policies positively impact our daily lives. The key tool through which this aim will be met is our common ancestral Indo-European language.

The Project employs a multifaceted approach to address a well-documented and worrisome situation: euroscepticism, loss of trust in the EU, lack of information on the benefits of EU integration and a weakening of active citizenship. Bringing in innovative pedagogical strategies such as game-based learning, applying in practice Jean Monnet and EU Youth Strategy Priorities "idea4europe" will address the void in an innovative manner.

Overall, the project " consists of 5 phases consisting of research, distinct deliverables suitable for greek and non-greek audiences, and series of multiplier/publicity events.  These are:

1. Online youth survey to elicit views, beliefs and opinions on the EU, while informing publicly the aims and objectives of the project triggering a respective social debate. It will be uploaded in the Facebook page of the most popular TV music channel in Greece, MAD TV.

2. Development of the teaching tool IDEA an open-source database consisting of words sharing common roots and meanings in 4 (or more) languages, all part of the Indo-European ancestor language. Each word will be linked and explained within the European context and anchor a discussion on EU topics. A Scholar's Committee with distinguished experts (in relevant field such as language studies and european policies) will contribute by selecting words suitable for both primary, secondary education students and young adults.

3. Production of a pilot TV Word-Guessing Game with English subtitles. Hosted by a popular TV personality with Greek students from international schools in Athens playing the game, followed by a discussion among academics, professionals and students, illuminating further on the words, meaning, evolution, and the related benefits in terms of EU policies, in sum the deeper bonds that connect us all and ensure a better future.

4. Organization of multiplier events in at least three Greek cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra). Audience will be introduced to the teaching tool IDEA and shown the Pilot TV Game. Consequently, a Q&A session and social debate with members of the Scholar Committee will delve deeper into the meaning and philosophy of the common roots we share through language and culture as well as the impact on our daily lives leading and justifying the way for more EU integration.

5. Policy-Making Recommendations based on the ideas and input of the stakeholders involved and mapping all the codification of the findings from the ‘journey’ of the IDEA’ project team.

In its totality, the project will foster a deepening of knowledge of our European destiny and will highlight its prospects from an appealing to youngsters angle, while at the same time illuminating the wide range of benefits EU policies have on our daily lives.

  • Youth Survey

    The IDEA online youth survey for youngsters 16-25 has been concluded. The aim was to elicit views, beliefs and opinions on the EU, while informing publicly the objectives of the project triggering a respective social debate. The research findings are available and present a great interest.


  • Treasure Chest

    The Treasure Chest refers to the Database that will be developed containing the selected words serving the project's goals. These are commonly used words, all part of the Indo-European ancestor language and relevant to our common European path sharing common roots and meanings in 4 (or more) languages. They will be linked to aspects of our daily lives, explained within the European context and anchor a discussion on E.U. topics.


  • The Game

    A professionally created TV pilot show will be produced. It will be a studio version of a popular word guessing game/Quiz. Pairs of students will be playing trying to guess specific words. Words will be drawn from the Idea4Europe database. Students will be representing different international schools based in Athens.


  • Promotion Events

    Public events in three major cities, Athens-Thessaloniki-Patras will serve as initial spark for promoting the Project and its education tool.


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