Pilot TV Game

A professionally created TV pilot show will be produced. It will be a studio version of a popular word guessing game/Quiz. Pairs of students will be playing trying to guess specific words. Words will be drawn from the IDEA database. Students will be representing different international schools based in Athens, British, French, German, and Italian.

A popular TV journalist renowned for her ability to communicate and convey effectively and attractively her topics will be the host of the show. Following the game, the host will lead studio discussion and interview scholars and other popular figures on the meaning and relevance of those words highlighting the shared sense of identity and belonging, and the common things that unite us together that transcend geography.

Producing and disseminating the pilot show aims to enhance the Project's impact, to serve as a demonstration for playing it in different settings.

An experienced production company will be employed to carry out the task.

Jean Monnet Project ‘Aurora Through European Identity and Integration’ [IDEA] Playing the TV Word Guessing Game Watch the Pilot Video

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