The THESAURUS refers to the Database containing the words that will be selected as serving the project's goals. A database containing commonly used words, all part of the Indo-European ancestor language and relevant to our common European path. Those words sharing common roots and meanings in 4 (or more) languages will be linked and explained within the European context and anchor a discussion on EU topics.

This is nucleus of the Project: development of the teaching tool: "IDEA4Europe"--Learning by playing as a pedagogical approach.

Special care and attention will be given to word selection reflecting Culture, Society and Economy and to those that trigger an understanding of EU benefits; ie, telephone & connection with EU policy of removing roaming charges; music, symbol, democracy etc. The expert Scholar’s committee serves this purpose and will also assist in IDEA's promotion. Multidisciplinary fields will be represented, comparative linguistics, philosophy, educators, Greek studies, European studies, sciences, etc. Invitations to join will be extended to other target groups, indicatively to Directors of EU countries Institutes based in Athens and the Directors of the European Archaeological Schools operating in Greece.

In addition, Departments of Linguistic studies in EU28 will be informed and asked to contribute words, or related material for the Project's website. Each participant will be asked to submit relevant words along with its justification as relates to the project's aims. For each one there will be a story to tell of its origins, how it evolved into different languages, and linkage with the EU context anchoring further discussion. Words selected will be suitable for primary and secondary level school students and young adults.


Thesaurus Deutsch

Thesaurus French

Thesaurus Italian


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