Project IDEA at ANATOLIA School of Thessaloniki: "Are we all talking the same language in Europe?". Yes!

The common origin of the languages spoken in Europe and the roots shared by the peoples of the Old Continent were the main topics of the event "Are we all talking the same language in Europe?" It was organized by the non-profit organization DIKTIO – Network for Reform in Greece and Europe within the framework of the Erasmus + Jean Monnet program 'IDEA'. The event took place on Friday, January 26, at Anatolia College, where thrid grade students of the secondary education (gymnasium) learnt about the EU institutions and bodies on the occasion of the Political and Social Education lesson. The speakers were: Christoforos Charalambakis, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at the University of Athens, Evi Hatziandreou, DIKTIO Advisor and IDEA Project Manager, Yannis Mastroggeorgiou, Director of Diktio - the Network for Reform in Greece and Europe. The panel was also attended by Lia Zourgou, Head of the Anatolia College of Greek Youth. Highlighting the Indo-European language as a starting point, a common ancestral language of 20 out of the 24 official European languages, the IDEA program seeks to point out the cultural elements that unite the citizens of Europe and the values that govern the principles of European integration and to encourage young people to actively participate in the national and European public sphere, cultivating a sense of belonging to the family of Europe. The guests were welcomed by Anatolia College President Panos Vlachos, who gave the floor to Vicky Flessa, the well-known journalist, presenter and editor of the ERT1 Broadcast program. Vicky Flessa co-ordinated the event which successfully became a game of knowledge, and finally caught the attention and participation of children. Taking as an example the word of father (pateras in Greek, pater in Latin, father in English, vater in German, pita in Sanskrit), Mr. Charalambakis urged children to look at the words and observe the same origin of the EU countries. At the same time, he emphasized the role of the Greek language in the formulation of the modern European vocabulary: 90% of the modern scientific medical vocabulary, contains formats that are derivatives of Greek, more than 2,500 words contain the word "tele" and 850 words the word "bio”.


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