Scholar’s Committee

Chairs: Professors C. Charalambakis and P. Ioakimies.

Professor C. Charalambakis

Professor C. Charalambakis is the Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at the University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Faculty of Philology, Department of Linguistics. He has extensive and substantive experience in key and critical parameters of the Project: Linguistics and Pedagogy. He is among the first head coordinator of Lingua and Erasmus programs in Greece. Furthermore, he is part of a network of fellow academics in other countries that will be asked to contribute and share their expertise and knowledge. One of his papers, "Language Learning As A key To Other Cultures" reflects what we are trying to achieve with our Project. As the Editor for the Dictionary of Modern Greek, Athens 2014 of the Academy of Athens he is uniquely positioned to guide the effort for developing the Fundamental deliverable, the Key Educational Tool of our Project, the DATABASE of common words.

Professor P. Ioakimidis

Professor P. Ioakimidis is the Emeritus Professor European Policy and Institutions, Department of Political Science & Public Administration, University of Athens. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in EU issues and policies in the country. During his tenure as an adviser (Ambassador/Councilor) on European Union Affairs to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to the Prime Minister C. Simitis took part in all major EU negotiations, including the negotiations for the Single European Act, the Treaty of Maastricht and the Treaty of Amsterdam, the Financial Perspectives/Multiannual Financial Framework, the Structural Policy, the Enlargement of the EU. He is a regular contributor on European issues in the media always presenting EU issues in a reader friendly way. This combination of his long – term contact and communication with the younger generation in matters related to EU and his academic expertise makes him the ideal academic "brain" to partner with Prof. Charalambakis in leading the effort of the development of Fundamental deliverable, the Key Educational Tool of our Project, the DATABASE of common words.

Members of the Scholar’s Committee

Professor Keridis

Professor Keridis is Professor of International Politics at Athens Panteion University, is the Academic Coordinator of the whole Project. His expertise and experience in european and international studies, in academic research and teaching in Greece and the US (Fletcher School, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis), and as importantly, in the media, by being a regular commentator, ensure its successful implementation and dissemination. He is also the deputy director of the Institute of International Relations in Athens and the Director of annual Olympia Summer Academy in Politics and International Studies. Both his latest books in english and greek address topics in direct association with what the Project IDEA utilizes (language) to establish and strengthen european identity and citizenship. His latest book in English is "The Historical Dictionary of Modern Greece" and in Greek a monograph on “Nationalism, Ethnic Conflicts and International Relations: Theory and Practice in the Balkans”

Dr. Anna Vallianatou

Dr. Anna Vallianatou is an Instructor (Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration), in the Postgraduate Programme in “European and International Studies" and Programme Administrator of the Master’s Programme “Southeast European Studies" of the University of Athens. A very active Researcher with solid Knowledge of European Issues and in contact with the younger generation will be a valuable contributor. She will be responsible for the Research components of the Project (Youth Survey) and member of the Scholar's Committee that will develop the Database. In addition, as part of the Project Team her input will assist in framing issues for the dissemination of our Project in a younger-friendly way.

Mr. Michalis Kontoyannis

Mr. Michalis Kontoyannis is an experienced active educator. He has served as a school director, as a School Advisor overseeing and evaluating educational performance. He was also a speaker in National and International conferences regarding educational issues and he has a great knowledge and attribution on “Special Education”. He had a tenure as a Special Secretary of Administration of Primary and Secondary Education in the Ministry of Education. His extensive expertise and experience on pedagogical issues puts him in a unique position to serve as Advisor on Pedagogical Issues throughout the current project.


Μάρθα Ασφή

Ms Martha ASFI Professeur, Coordinatrice pour le français, Section Hellénique Lycée, Franco-Hellénique Eugène Delacroix, Athènes – Grèce. Educator in the French language at LFHED and at the French Institute of Greece. Is in the process of preparing her PhD thesis in the evaluation of the  language mediation.



Ms Maria Arvanitaki graduated from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens in 1985 majoring in Modern Greek and Byzantine literature. In 1988, she became a teacher at the German School of Athens (DSA) teaching in both the Greek and the German department for 5 years. During that time, she joined the writing team of the school producing teaching material for the Greek language to be taught as a foreign language. From 1995 up until today she is teaching modern Greek at Ellinogermaniki Agogi, while she is also collaborating with the Research and Development department to conceptualize and conduct several European programs. She has designed and developed two projects under the European Lingua program to teach Greek as a foreign language for beginners and advanced students and has participated in the European Socrates and Comenius programs. Moreover, she is teaching Creative Writing to the Gymnasium and Lyceum of Greek-German Education.


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